Monday, November 28, 2011

It´s a start!

My baby girl is 3 and a half! Well, not so much a baby anymore. She is very independent and outspoken. Usually it´s a "NO" word that I hear from her, since we´ve entered in the phase of "I don´t want to..." and "I don´t like it"! But, with all that growing up and learning new things there are still moments when she gets scared or too tired or just because ... and there is only mommy who can help and hug, and kiss, and cuddle.
So far we have been 3 months in our first preschool year and emotions are running high! That´s why I have come up with an idea how to get her motivated to go to school in the morning. Veronika likes to sing, our favorite song is "Vamos de paseo" in spanish (since she is a trilingual child, we have English, Spanish and Russian languages at home). So the first thing in the morning that she asks for is her felt bag "De paseo" that she takes to school everyday now :)
Mommy rules... as always! :)