Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blooming red 3D poppies

No allergies to pollen, no need to water... perfect spring flowers to have on your sofa (you can even spray your favorite perfume on)!
My child likes to play imaginary gardening with her toy watering can. So cute!

I like how the grass came out. Looks very nice. Oh, and the hand-embroidered rolling clouds?! Did you notice that?

The rain in Spain, stays mainly in the plain :)

Oh this is so true! At least in Barcelona it´s rarely rains. I love rain! I love heavy showers and thunderstorms and lightnings! And the best part comes after the rain, when in a still gloomy sky you can see the rainbow. And the smell, oh, this fresh, grassy smell of just passed rain (deep sigh) ...  We certainly don´t get that here, in Barcelona.
I think some inspiration comes from desperation, don´t you think?

So this is my answer to this too-hot-eye-hurting-sunny weather : my GLOOMY pillow!


How many things...

one should know and learn about opening a shop on Etsy, it´s impressive!
Product description, tags, traffic, good photos... and all this goes after one simple rule: that your product doesn´t suck! :)

Monday, March 26, 2012


This is one of the last things that I´ve made and I have to admit that even on photos it doesn´t look as brightly colored as it does in real life! FAIRYTALE POUF

Seven seas pillow covers! A story of three!

In the Seven Seas, passing TSUNAMIs and BIG WAVEs on your sturdy SHIP, lie the Neverlands! Hug these pillows, close your eyes and just imagine away!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Officially on ETSY

So I made it official, Etsy and me are connected. And by connected I mean I opened my shop sinikettu on Etsy Very excited!