Monday, June 25, 2012

Juggling Elephants

For me working from home sometimes = juggling elephants. Especially if I have orders and my child of 4 years is on a summer break. And this summer break is just started!
She wants to know and to participate in everything in what I do :) She is trying to squeeze herself between me and everything that I do, when I am cutting the wrapping paper with scissors, taking photos of the orders (she does provide a great shade I must admit :)), or when I am sewing eyes of the monsters and she is helping to hold the eye :) . So big, and so small at the same time :) Little explorer!

But HOW do people juggle motherhood and work???? Some say that planning ahead really helps, or precutting material or waking up at 4 in the morning and having few hours for actually achieving something.... Still trying to figure this one out.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Owls vs Sheeps

So by showing an Owl to a client I sold a Sheep :D

This is the Sleepy Sheep that was ordered:

And these are the Owls that I´ve showed:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Nombres bordados

I gave up! Owls, they were following me everywhere, so I had to try it also :)
I was preparing for them to fly freely where they want but apparently one of the local shops want them in their window! That`s right! They will be two local owls from now on :) Which one you like best??

And Nombres Bordados is just another sample of my embroidery.
Septiembre viene con la temporada de las batas de cole. 
Vamos a bordar muchos nombres! Espero!  

My Ocean Mist Girl

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Party party and more fiesta!

We`ve officially entered in the party/ birthday zone here is Castelldefels!

This was the best Mickey that I´ve seen before :)

And a lot of candy and balloons!

Names on baby blankets! Arullo bordado!

So the customer specifically ordered the embroidered names to be light grey as the rest  of the embroidery on the blankets. And also this font. 


Sewing Suns and Monsters

What a few weeks that were!
Sewing Ocean Mist, Suns, Monsters and then there was some name embroidery on baby blankets for local shop for babies! And of course attending lot´s and lot´s of birthdays!!
 Ocean Mist appeared from one of the kids birthday`s on the beach that we attended! It was q perfect evening with friends and early summer breeze, so the girl (Ocean Mist) just came out naturally with her flowing on a wind waves-like-hair and green as water eyes.
 The Happy Sun was an order for a girl, who`s friend just had a baby and they named her Elena (like me!!) so it was only naturally that she asked me to come up with something for a baby girl. I think that the phrase : "Elena mi Sol" was everything that I´ve needed for the inspiration! What more can be so symbolic for a mom than her daughter being a sun for her? I know mine is for me!
And of course the Lil`monster! That's just came out from this particular weekend spent with my daughter and her terrible-4s. :)
And then trying to convinse my child to be a model for me also involves a lot of pleading mixed with chocolates!!!