Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sewing Suns and Monsters

What a few weeks that were!
Sewing Ocean Mist, Suns, Monsters and then there was some name embroidery on baby blankets for local shop for babies! And of course attending lot´s and lot´s of birthdays!!
 Ocean Mist appeared from one of the kids birthday`s on the beach that we attended! It was q perfect evening with friends and early summer breeze, so the girl (Ocean Mist) just came out naturally with her flowing on a wind waves-like-hair and green as water eyes.
 The Happy Sun was an order for a girl, who`s friend just had a baby and they named her Elena (like me!!) so it was only naturally that she asked me to come up with something for a baby girl. I think that the phrase : "Elena mi Sol" was everything that I´ve needed for the inspiration! What more can be so symbolic for a mom than her daughter being a sun for her? I know mine is for me!
And of course the Lil`monster! That's just came out from this particular weekend spent with my daughter and her terrible-4s. :)
And then trying to convinse my child to be a model for me also involves a lot of pleading mixed with chocolates!!!

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