Saturday, September 1, 2012

Promotion for handmade is hard!

It`s always great to say that I am all for handmade things and preferably eco-friendly but how do one promotes his products off the internet??? Except involving friends and family :)

Cards are good, but unless I hit the desperate patch I won´t come up to strangers in the middle of the street and offer them to look at my precious handmade things. I also don´t like the waving-in-my-face hands or rolling eyes :)
So what I came up with was very simple to me: let my daughter to do all the work for me :) Not literally of course, she is just a 4 year old and as much as I taught her marketing strategies she only wants to play in the park and prefers only colors pink and lilac. 

So I`ve decided to embroider her denim jacket with my SINIKETTU logo on the back, so everybody can see it. People who are curious and interested come and ask questions themselves. And then I can give cards and tell about my shop and what not.

This is one of the ways how to show the world what you do!

How do you promote your shops offline?

xo Lena

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