Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Biz TIPS for small sellers! # 1

Well, if you are serious about building an Empire  a business that will be profitable, growing and bringing you joy and making you proud, then you are, like me, looking for some tips on how to succeed.
So let´s share them.
So here are two articles that I´ve read and really liked:
One is from a blog- On the Dot Creations and it is addressing directly sellers on Etsy! Julie, who wrote this article, has a lot of other interesting tips for handmade sellers, so make sure to check her blog!
1. Secrets of savvy Etsy sellers

And a second one is an article from Online Wall Street Journal!
2. Make Social Networks Work for Your Start-Up

Please comment if you think that this was helpful, so that I can continue posting tips! :)

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