Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter is getting closer!

It´s practically right in front of me and I still didn´t even plan anything.
I do, however, have a great and fast recipe to color eggs that I want to share.
We don´t do different colors, I prefer one, but pretty :)
It´s a typical russian tradition.
Here is how we do it in our family:
You need onion peel, the more, the better. (just a normal onions that you cook with, but instead of throwing this light brown dried peel out, you save it. It doesn´t take much space and you can do it for a few months before Easter)
Actually it all depends on how many eggs you need to color.
So you take all your onion peels and put them to boil in a big pot.
First put in the peel and then add water, so that it will just cover the peel.
Boil it for a little bit, switch of the stove, let it sit for a while, so that it won´t be too hot, and then add eggs (boil them before in a salty water, as you would normally do to cook them, so that they won´t crack). Submerge the eggs and cover them with peel, so that they can get colored all over.
And leave it all to cool on the stove.
I usually leave the eggs for a few hours. And I do it night before.
And that´s it!
When taken out, dry them with a paper towel and cover with a little bit of olive oil for a shine!
The longer eggs sit in the onion peel, the deeper color they get.

You can also decorate the eggs (before submerging) with parsley leaves or other herbs that you have. That way the spot, where the leaf is, won´t get colored and will stay nicely marked!

    Very natural coloring!

If you will try to do this, please comment below!! :)

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