Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am a MOM and I am proud of it!

MOM - a verb, used to describe an action that involves:
smothering with love and kisses
teaching to walk
feeding with healthy foods
saying NO and sticking to it
following the routine
allowing to be loud 
teaching to express opinions and feelings
battling with your kid´s thumb-sucking/ pacifier sucking 
playing in monsters and princesses (sometimes at the same time)
running after and jumping with
telling stories and singing songs (that can be anywhere)
making bubble baths with peach flavors (not for myself)
picking toys
stepping on toys
learning how not to say bad words out loud when stepping on toys (especially on lego)
preferring to use high-heel-free shoes on a daily basis
sneaking in a cup of coffee now and then
taking photos to memorize all the progress/drawings/name writing/etc...

And since I am a stay at home MOM, that also involves (at least in my case):
house cleaning and grocery shopping, 
taking a KID to school/preschool/kindergarden/play dates/birthday parties/ school field trips 
arranging: play dates/ birthday parties/ family field trips
participating in all of the above!
And of course I am trying to jump start my own thing, which is SINIKETTU on Etsy and that just has to be squeezed in between of all of the above...

Now, of course my daughter is only (almost) 4, so the list will grow, but one thing is for sure:
MOM means unconditional love 24/7, whatever your child does!


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